goldcard member.

i seriously think i am starbucks’ dream customer.  i admit i have totally fallen into their marketing trap.  i love coffee (and i’m pretty sure if you have read my blog for longer than a week i have probably talked about how much i love the stuff).  i have to have coffee almost every morning; mostly out of necessity to stay awake and partly due to the routine of it.  even if i get 12 hours of sleep, the routine of going to a coffeeshop (particularly starbucks) is one i love.  i will be late to places just to get my coffee.  (i know what you are thinking and yes, i am one of those obnoxious people.)  but it’s usually for everyone else’s benefit because i am a sleepy crank-monster without my daily fix (or so i tell myself as an excuse to get it everyday).  reis asked me out on our first date at a coffeeshop in santa barbara so maybe that’s why i have even more reason to love the atmosphere of these cozy cafes.

in 2009 i became a gold member of starbucks; one of the sweet perks is getting that cool card (above) and a free drink of any size every 15 drinks you buy.  i have a pretty sweet little schedule of buying coffee and getting rewarded for it.  it is a bit of a costly habit, but it’s worth it to me.  so here’s my coffee sched:  my daily drink is usually an iced coffee which is about $2.30 for a grande i think (one of the cheaper drinks on the menu).  if i get this everyday for 2 weeks (weekends included) + 1 day, i get sent one of these bad boys (see below).  with my free drink, i normally get a “sweet” drink as i call it.  i LOVE skinny caramel macchiatos more than you know so i’ll splurge on one of those with my reward card.  this system is great because not only are sweet drinks almost $5 for a grande, but they also aren’t the healthiest for you if you know what i mean.  so in my world, my little coffee system is a great balance of splurging and saving (in cals and money)!

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8 Responses to goldcard member.

  1. Lindsay says:

    OMG I love it! I am exactly the same. If you have read my blog you woudl know I am addicted/obsessed with Starbucks too. I am the same, it is partly routine and partly because I NEED it. I used my s’sweet’ drink for something super crazy totally unhealthy and expensive…well because it is free. Normally I just get iced espresso…so it is always fun to gt that free ‘sweet’ drink card in the mail.
    Love it!! :)

  2. Yeesssss. Love coffee. Love it. When it’s cold outside it tastes even better. Do you think we have a problem? I don’t! HA!

  3. welcome to the club;) it’s always a party w/starbucks!

  4. Yummmmm…. I’ve been having my fair share of coffee lately (decaf, of course!) but SBux can easily turn into an expensive habit for me. I need to look into this gold card =)

    PS- I found pics of these cupcakes on Pinterest and thought of you!

  5. Liz says:

    Jaymee, I LOVE your blog. Kimmy told me about it. You are so creative, love it. I just ran across this link today and thought you might consider trying it:

  6. hahah, I like your reasoning. Very logical. Miss u Aunt Jamima!

  7. i’m obsessed too! i need to get my fix daily otherwise i get kind of cranky! haha

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