thank you cards.

do you remember me mentioning in the past how i’m the least punctual person ever?  well, that is pretty much true in all aspects of my life.  like the fact that i’m finally sending my thank you cards out a MONTH after my birthday (sorry friends, it is coming!).  my excuse is that i wanted to design my own thank you cards and get them printed so that took some time.  here is what i came up with!  washi tape is something else i have seen floating throughout the design blog world, on pinterest, on cards janelle has sent me (like this one), and all over this girl’s amazing scrapbook layouts.  after much hunting for some rolls of this cool tape in hawaii, i finally found some at a craft store which was quite an exciting day (paper stores in hawaii are nothing compared to the ones on the mainland).  i love the look of it and it makes sending out cards so much more fun!

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3 Responses to thank you cards.

  1. You’re awesome, girl! Love you lots. Can’t wait for our Thanksgiving reunion! (:

  2. kimberlee says:

    Got it! Love it

  3. these are great! love the colors!!

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