my favorite things.

this weekend was spent doing a bunch of my favorite things:

1. eating pizza (yahhhh carbo-loading)

2. running a super fun half marathon (race recap to come later this week!)

3. lunch at kono’s

4. post-race meal = chicken macademia nut pesto sandwich + iced mocha (i had a mad craving for chocolate milk after the race and hadn’t had my daily coffee yet, so an iced mocha hit. the. spot.)

5. beach time with my loverboy

6. tanning on this gorg beach in amazing weather

6. spending the whole weekend on the north shore

(unpictured: 7. saturday night dinner with our good friends kezia and ashton. where we talked/laughed for hours.  love nights like those!)

ooo i love weekends!

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6 Responses to my favorite things.

  1. Sarah Tillema says:

    I LOVE your blog!!!!

  2. Janelle says:

    your weekend looks so lovely!!! heart you!

  3. What a fab weekend :) Can’t wait to hear about your racing triumph! Pics of you and your boy are beyond cute.

  4. all that food looks yummy! and i wish i was at the beach right about now! weather around here has not been that great….

    can’t wait to hear about your race! :)

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