i’m running a half marathon tomorrow.


and i haven’t done that in awhile.  eeks.

tomorrow i’m running a trail half marathon on the north shore and i’m super excited!  i’m severely undertrained (i had the best of intentions to get my rear in gear on a regular running routine but have failed pretty bad. aka i have only run a handful of times this month), but that’s a-okay because this race is SO much fun.  i ran it last year and out of the 16-something races i ran last year, this one was my absolute favorite!  it’s a small, local race with the nicest people and the most beautiful course.  although —  i am a tad bit worried for the following reasons:

1) i haven’t run 13.1 miles since this race (which was 5 months ago, btw).

2) i haven’t run trails since i ran this race a year ago (oops).

3) this course is dang hilly (and there are cows, horses, and other wild animals on the course!)

4) and it’s gonna be a hotttt (you think i’d be used to this by now..)

time goals are non-existent for this race and i’m okay with that.  we are headed to the north shore tonight after i get off of work and staying with reis’ parents for the weekend.  see ya on monday!


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10 Responses to i’m running a half marathon tomorrow.

  1. Sounds like even if you’re out of practice you have no shortage of experience. Best of luck :-)

  2. Pam says:


    Just call it a long taper! Which means you’re body will be ready to GO!

    “HAVE FUN!!”

  3. Caitlin says:

    Have fun! Sounds like an awesome race!!

  4. Sarah OUaL says:

    As proven on the opposite side of the spectrum, it’s all about the mental game. Your body can get through it if your head tells it to. :)

    Good luck and this is easily the best photo collage ever in jayadores or internet period history.

  5. How exciting!

    After baby arrives I’m determined to get my butt back in gear… I’ve only ran 1 race this year, but hey… that’s one more than last year!

    Good luck J!

  6. brokerunner says:

    Good luck! It’s my dream to run a trail race in Hawaii. I don’t think it gets better than that.

  7. You are going to have a blasty blast!! Looking forward to reading your recap:)

  8. Tessa says:

    Good Luck Jaymee!! You are so inspiring!! xo

  9. jaymee says:

    thanks everyone!!

  10. SkinnyRunner says:

    im jealous. i want to come run with you in hawaii!
    best of luck and have fun. and take cute pics.

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