i am quite a fan of maxi skirts and dresses.  they are sooo comfy and can be dressed up or down.  i didn’t have a skirt to copy this outfit, so i used a dress and threw a white top over it.  and it was probably the comfiest outfit i have ever worn.

black maxi dress: $40 from ANGL in santa barbara

white tee: $10 express

scarf: $12 forever 21

bag: $45

sunglasses: free! (i am the recipient of all of the trinkets reis finds on the beach.  these calvin klein sunnies were a pretty sweet find.)

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8 Responses to INSPIRED BY.

  1. Gosh dang, you are good at getting these looks down to a T. Do you find inspiration photos of similar items you already own and go that way, or do you find the items after you’ve found the inspiration photo?

    This one is another beautiful one! Must get a black maxi dress now, or at least dye one I’ve been meaning to dye black.

    • Jaymee says:

      Thanks rose! I just peruse pinterest and find outfits that I like and then see if I have any of the clothes to copy it!

  2. Kelsie says:

    I love your “inspired by” posts jaym! Such a good idea!

  3. Such a fashionista! love it!

  4. LOVE this outfit — Vanessa just shared your blog & I’m your newest follower:) Gonna catch up on your posts!

  5. Ok, you NEED to be a model. Like now. Someone call Wilhelmina and get this beauty a contract!!

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