breakfast at bogart’s.

saturday morning we had breakfast at bogart’s.  (i’ve raved about it before here.)  we are the most indecisive couple when it comes to deciding where to eat.  i admit, it’s 98% my fault considering reis will eat anything and everything and i am the picky one who doesn’t like eggs (which rules out lots of breakfast places), fish (rules out lots of dinner places), and a billion other foods.  oops.  after i-kid-you-not an hour and a half, we decided on bogart’s!  except when we got there, their kitchen was backed up 25 minutes and since we already wasted way too much time deciding where to go, we were over it and just got coffee (caramel macchiato for reis//latte for me) and blueberry scones.  i know i’ve said it before, but if you ever come to oahu, you HAVE to go here.  for breakfast or lunch, it is so delish!  but be willing to wait awhile, it’s a popular zone.

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7 Responses to breakfast at bogart’s.

  1. Mmm, delicious. I decided at the age of 26 that I was going to like seafood because I didn’t like missing out on so many delicious sounding dishes. It’s gone well so far – I still can’t eat fish or seafood for a meal, but I will try it, sometimes even eat all of it and then eat something else :) . I have even done sushi and I actually like that better and will actually eat it for a meal!

    Loving your style lately. So casual, comfy, and Lauren Conradesque – LOVE her.

  2. thats your whole blog? We were gonna go to this one place, but then I don’t like eggs so we had coffee. ahahah.

    • Jaymee says:

      Hahah this comment made me laugh out loud heather mas. What — it’s not entertaining enough for you?!!? Haha I don’t like the writing part of blogging that’s why I keep it short (and obv incomplete according to you)

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      • Kimberlee says:

        OMG! this made me laugh out loud also!!! heather mason is hilarious. and TRUE. i was like “what? she titles it breakfast at bogart’s but didn’t even really eat it?” LOL

  3. Anna @ IHOD says:

    Ahhh you look so cute in the headband!! Oh my goodness! So happy you like it Jaymee:)
    And pass over one of those caramel macchiatos! :D

  4. The neighborhood you are walking in looks like Coronado Island :) Can’t wait to visit Oahu. Added Bogarts to my list of places to eat!

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