these boots are pretty much one of my favorite articles of clothing that i own (also shown here).  not just because i was looking high and low for the perfect pair of distressed-brown-riding-boots-that-zip-up-the-back, but because of the INSANE deal that i got on them.  i’m talking ridiculous deal (sorry OUaL, not trying to rub it in again).  i was at macy’s on my lunch break one day in march and saw them on display and got super excited.   they didn’t have my size but since they run a little big, it was perfect that they only had the 1/2 size below what i wear.  the price tag said something around $100.  i was gonna get them just because i had been on the hunt for awhile and they were exactly what i was looking for (for my california winter trips).  when i went up to the register, the lady rung them up for $26.  TWENTY SIX DOLLARS, people.  hint hint: buy boots in hawaii.  not many people do, hence the awesome closeout sales.   let me just tell you that is one of the best feelings when you go to the register and whatever you are buying is cheaper than you think!

i bought them in grey too :)  on to the typical i-know-a-good-deal stats:

shorts – $13 forever 21

white blouse – $15 forever 21

boots – $26 macy’s

leaf necklace – $4 forever 21

sunglasses – $10 kenneth cole reaction from ross

bag – $45

belt – $? hollister (like 6 years ago)

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5 Responses to INSPIRED BY.

  1. $26?!?!?!?!?! SMOKING DEAL! Love the entire outfit.

    I miss HI!

  2. you are the cutest, jaymster!! love the outfit!!

  3. ashley says:

    i am in loooove with look!!!!!!

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