a north shore run and my weekend.

[coffee at my second home with kezia]

[gorgeous sunset on our drive]

saturday night we drove to the north shore and spent the night at reis’ parent’s house.  reis had a bachelor party to go to that night and i went out for mexican food with the girls.  so fun!  sunday morning i woke up early and ran a 9 miler before church through laie.  i LOVE running on the north shore versus honolulu (where i live) because the weather is soo much nicer.  it was the perfect running weather for hawaii — cool, breezy, and low-humidity.  i did some speed work at the end by sprinting during the chorus of the songs on my playlist.  i was pretty nasty and sweaty after, but i felt good because i’ve been a little LAY to the ZEE with my running lately (i blame the hot/humid weather).  in town, the weather is creeping on 90* by 8 am so if i accidentally sleep in, my motivation to run is squashed.  (it was exciting too — on my run i saw a flyer i designed for a 5k that kahuku high school is organizing!)  here are a few pictures from the rest of the weekend.

[tortilla chips + salsa = happy jaymee]

[the gorgeous scenery of my run and my flyer!]

[scooby doo reis going on a swim at waimea]

[reis and i both sporting our tom’s shoes]

[rocking the crazy side bun for a HOT drive back to town.  eeks.  i miss california fall weather!]

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4 Responses to a north shore run and my weekend.

  1. Jay, please tell me you don’t run with a camera. Do you? Also, never ever call yourself lazy if u r running 9 miles. That is insanely fit to most people.

    • Jaymee says:

      Ha no I don’t run with it! It weighs like 10 pounds. The path and the sign were close to where I started so I took the pics after my run :). And I know running 9 is not lazy but I had to kick my own butt to run that far because I’ve been slacking!

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  2. Kelsey says:

    I have those TOMS! And I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii, it’s awesome that you live there.

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