okay so i realize miss skinny pants to the left of me is about 1/3 my size (and i like her shoes better) but i did my best to be a copycat.  and cheap too, as is the name of the game.

sweater – $17 forever 21

leggings – $7(?) target

shoes – vera wang for kohls $40

michael kors watch –  free because it was a bday gift last year..thats my little trick: having my family get me the bigger ticket items for my birthday or christmas :)…thanks mama!

photo found here

and p.s. is it really friday already??  woo hooo this week flew by and this weekend i plan on doing a major cleaning of my house (it’s been a little toooo long), going shopping for some new work clothes, homewok (blah), and going to the beach.  have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to INSPIRED BY.

  1. pamula2000 says:

    Your very pretty Jaymee! :) Love the look…esp. your blouse!!

    Have a Happy Friday!!

  2. Your inspirations inspire me. You pull it off so beautifully!

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