birthday fun part II.

and the birthday extravaganza continues!  sunday was my actual birthday and reis had an entire day of plans for us after saturday night’s fancy outing.  he’s not exactly mr. romantic so whenever he makes special plans, it means a lot.  we drove to the north shore in the morning like usual (stopping at starbucks for my morning java, duh.) and on the way up he gave me my present: tom’s shoes!  if you read my guest post on friday, you know i love this company (and the owner).  after church he took me on a GORGEOUS hike in hauula.  he even packed my favorite snacks — sobe life water, tortilla chips, and swedish fish — he knows me well!  then on the way back he stopped and got us fresh smoothies at kahuku farms, this cute little place on the side of the road.  next stop was the beach (boy needed to get his surf on and i needed to get my tan on).  then he told me we had reservations at 6 for a casual dinner.  we walked into the restaurant and i immediately saw two tables of a bunch of our friends!  (cutie makelah in the pic below gave me not one, but six (!) adorable handmade cards.  she is so. freaking. cute.)  he totally 100% surprised me.  so fun!  thanks so much to all my friends and fam for making my day so dang special.  i am indeed blessed.

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4 Responses to birthday fun part II.

  1. ok reis is officially the BEST EVER. love you both!! sounds like an amazingly wonderful birthday weekend!

  2. Liane says:

    Fuuny, I thought I recognized you at the Foodland Starbucks but didnt want to say anything. I love reading your blog!

  3. aahhh, I wish I could have gone to your surprise dinner! Also, I LOVE Toms shoes, they are on my bday/xmas wish list. Miss u Aunt Jamima!! Soooo happy you’re coming home for TGiving.

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