coffee dates.

my weekend was filled with lots of these.  and i loved it.  saturday morning maddie and i had a coffee date at starbucks and it was SO good to catch up and hang out with her.  (she lives in washington and i haven’t seen her since like 2007.)  then later in the afternoon i met my friend ashley at chadlou’s, an adorable coffeeshop in kailua that one of my very good friends opened last year!  if you live on the island, you should go there.  now.  reasons you should go?  it is so dang cute, they have good coffee AND good food (and cookie/ice cream sandwiches!), and its the perfect place to chat with friends or to study or do work.  (and since i practically lived in coffeeshops when i was in college, i’m a pretty good source for coffeeshop ratings.  trust me.)  plus, its next door to some really cute boutiques if you need a study break and want to shop :)

i love coffeeshop dates with friends.  they are kinda my fave.

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