INSPIRED BY: kristin cavallari

okay.  so i know this whole get-up is nothing to write home about because let’s be real, it’s a bit on the grungy “im-too-lazy-to-put-a-real-outfit-together” side.  but to be completely honest, this is pretty much the extent of what i wear like 96.7% of my weekends.  and in hawaii, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear cutoffs and t-shirts anywhere.  and i mean anywhere.  i wore this to church on sunday, people.  gotta love going to church across the street from the beach cause i think at some churches on the mainland i might have been kicked to the curb if i showed up like this.

tee and cutoffs: $10 and $16 from forever 21

urban expressions bag: $45 from tj maxx

sunglasses: raybans (last year’s birthday present from reis)

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3 Responses to INSPIRED BY.

  1. Grandma Z says:

    And I like yours better than the model’s. Of course, everything looks cute on you.

  2. Janelle says:

    shoot!! i wanted to comment yesterday. love this!! you werk that 7D GIRL!

  3. Scottee says:

    you’re so cute

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