a picnic.

saturday night reis and i had a picnic on the bay in hawaii kai, my old hood.  somehow the whole 2 years i lived there, we never did this even though every time i drove by it (which was every single day) or ran past it, i would think in my head “we should eat there one night.”  well we finally did and it was quite lovely.  we got sandwiches from the safeway deli (which by the way are not too shabby) andddd there was a beautiful sunset to top it off.  and what picnic isn’t complete without licorice?  actually, i don’t even think that’s a picnic food at all, but the box was calling my name at the grocery store.

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3 Responses to a picnic.

  1. Nicky says:

    love this! you two are too cute :)

  2. R. Chandra says:

    hello there! just found your blog, i love it :)

    this post is so simple & beautiful. i need to have a picnic before the weather stars turning! thanks for the reminder..

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