can we talk about how fashion blogging is really an awkward concept??  it’s like “hey! look at me trying to be a model!”  i’m not trying to show you how stylish i am.  because clearly that is not the case since i just copy other people’s style.  and then show you pics.  however, i am trying to show you how you can copy looks for dirt cheap because i know most people don’t have an endless budget for shopping and most of us don’t get stuff given to us by clothing companies (although that certainly would be very nice!).  i found this picture on pinterest this weekend and just really love the black and white.

kitson jeans – $11 via hautelook  (christmas day special!)

white t-shirt – $10 from express

fedora hat – $15 from a street fair in my hometown SV

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2 Responses to INSPIRED BY.

  1. Laura says:

    My jaym a laym is so freaking cute ;) Miss you like a fat kid misses cake

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