labor day weekend.

this weekend was pretty mellow and productive.  just the way i like it.  i took a lot of turbo kick boxing classes at the gym, hung out with good friends, ate lots of yummy food, and got runner’s envy with all of the races that went on this weekend.  the kauai marathon was on sunday and last year i ran it as my first one (and the fact that my mom and one of her best friends flew out to watch me cross the finish line made it extra special!)  i’m currently contemplating if 2 weeks is long enough to train for the maui half marathon on september 18.  we will see about that.  we will also see if my credit card wants to endure the pain of a flight, race entry, hotel, etc.

yesterday reis and i went to diamond head health bar and got acai bowls.  so. dang. good.  and then for dinner i decided to get crafty in the kitchen and “cook.”  aka make one of the only things i know how to: caprese (pathetic? yes).  i could eat basil with every meal and could easily live off of bread and tomatoes so this meal is one of my favorites because its tasty, looks pretty, and takes about .25 seconds to put together.  hope everyone had a great weekend!  hooray for a 4 day work week!

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One Response to labor day weekend.

  1. Tay says:

    Jay I can’t to be reunited with those delicious acai bowls :))) Glad you and Reis had a great weekend! xoxo

    ps your caprese looks scrumptious :]

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