first friday.

friday night we met our friends in chinatown for first friday.  i normally can’t wait to hightail it out of downtown on friday nights after work, but i actually think first friday is kinda fun.  you walk around, eat, look at some art, people watch, repeat.  (plus i wanted to show off my new boots since fall is finally upon us.  yes, hawaii doesn’t really ever see “fall” but i’m from CA and i will break out my boots any chance i get!)  our friend (and amazingly talented photographer) brooke had her own gallery so it was cool to see her show of hipstamatic prints.  fun night with great friends and good food.  pretty awesome alternative to my usual i’m-a-grandma-and-a-homebody friday nights.  oh yeah, happy labor day!

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4 Responses to first friday.

  1. Sarah OUaL says:

    TELL ME RIGHT NOW WHERE THOSE BOOTS ARE FROM!!!! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of riding boots for over a year and I’m obsessed with yours.

    • jaymee says:

      eeep! your gonna kill me. so one of my lunch breaks in march i meander into macys and i guess march is “off-season” for boots in hawaii? i was on the hunt for riding boots too that zipped up the back and i saw these and the sign said they were like $93 or something. i hadnt seen any like it and all the ones i saw online were sold out so i went up to the register to buy them. she rang them up. $26. i died. and bought them in grey too :) if i see anymore, ill send some your way.

      • Sarah OUaL says:

        Yeah I’m putting a stamp on an anthrax card right now. What kind of good karma points did you have to cash in on for that?? That’s the best surprise I’ve ever heard of.

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