DIY: bus blind.

so i’ve been antsy to get stuff up on my walls to make it feel more cozy and “beach cottagey chic” like i wanted.  i saw a bus blind in a home decor boutique here in hawaii for $350 a while back and loved the look of it.  but for that price, um, no thanks.   this girl has the most adorrrrable beach cottage in australia and i have gotten SO much inspiration from her home.when i saw she had a DIY on her blog for a bus blind i got super duper excited and here ya have it:

1) i bought an ugly frame at ross for $12.

2) went to the hardware store to get black spraypaint, picture hangers, and glue.

3) got my inner-gangsta on and sprayed the crap out of the frame.  (note: if you try this, make sure there is no wind.  you will end up with flying dust/weeds/dog hair/etc. in your wet paint)

4) i was actually patient enough to let it dry.

5) made signs on my computer displaying the significant places/streets of my life in chronological order.  (i also searched like a madman trying to find the perfect font that resembles a real bus blind..i found this one that is no joke called “tall dark and handsome condensed” – you can find it here.)

6) used craft glue to stick the posters on the frame.

7) hung it on the wall using picture hangers.

8) TA-DA!  bus blind complete. i sat back and stared and was happy with the turnout.  especially cause it has a personal touch too.  take that boutique.  $350 versus $22.  i win!

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16 Responses to DIY: bus blind.

  1. Pam says:

    Love this! You are very crafty and thrifty!! Def. WINNING! :)

  2. Janelle says:

    SOOO GOOD JAYMEE!!! Absolutely loving!! How come your bus blind is not repping Simi?? Haha jk. I seriously love it! Especially since I almost bought one on etsy for $200 the other day. Maybe now I’ll be crafty and make one :)

  3. kimberlee says:

    Love it. Make me one! We practically have all the same residences except u could switch new york with vina del mar…very good!

  4. Aunt Pam says:

    Beautiful job! Have you thought about adding this to your graphics design business? You could have people send you their list of places, then you could make them a custom sign.

  5. Kelsie says:

    This is so awesome Jaymee!

  6. Lauren says:

    Jaym, you have totally been holding out on me the past 6 years! Where have these crafty skills been?! I LOVE it and have never been so proud! xxx

    • jaymee says:

      why did i need to be crafty when i had YOU to decorate every house we had in anthro-inspired decor?? you taught me well my friend! and duhhh i had to put A-CAP on there!

  7. Lauren says:

    ps. Anacapa is my favorite part. duh. <3

  8. Lauren says:

    OMG and all the IV streets! (sorry, just noticed) Also, sorry for throwing up all over this comment wall.

  9. Very nice! I started out the same way. I wanted a bus scrill for mu house and then turnes it into a business. I would agree 22 bucks is way better then what my bus scrolls go for, but the process I go through is much more in tune with the way they were made in the past. Every one out there that sell bus scrolls design them on their computers hit print and out comes a scroll on a roll of canvas. I took a step back as did you and make them by hand. Keep up the good work. I may need to look into that font although if you want more font ideas you can find transit fonts all over the place. I use a font that is called ‘Roadway’

  10. Jenn says:

    how do you add a font in word on a mac? I’m so lost. Thanks!

    • jaymee says:

      1) on the font website, click download.
      2) then it should open up a download window, but if it doesnt, you can open up the downloads folder in your finder
      3)double click the font and press the button “install font” and you should be good to go!
      hope this helps!

  11. I’d never even heard of a bus blind before this and I LOVE it. You did amazing!

  12. Heather says:

    omgosh, I have never heard of a bus blind but this is really really cute! I wan wondering too why no S.V.? Come on, give back to your roots! hahha, love you Jay!

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