is it bad that it’s only monday and i’m already counting down the days until the THREE DAY WEEKEND!?  yahoooo for labor day!

the majority of my weekend was spent in my new place organizing, cleaning, decorating, crafting…basically it was a big nest-fest.  it’s slowly coming together and feeling more homey which i love!

i finally got all of my important files and documents filed away neatly in my desk drawer complete with labels i printed out!  it feels so good to have things organized so i don’t spend 3 hours digging through a pile of papers when i need something.

my hair sheds like, a lot.  a lot a lot.  and my floors just needed a good sweeping anyways, so i used my new leopard broom (that i got at ross for $4!) to sweep up my place.  it’s crazy how much cleaner i feel just by taking the 4 minutes it takes to sweep my floors.

i did a little DIY project and finally got something up on my walls!  and i love how it turned out.  exactly how i envisioned.  (love when that happens).  more pics to come later this week!

and of course i ate some ice cream.  typical.

hope you all had a great weekend and you east coasters stayed safe!

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2 Responses to nesting.

  1. Heather says:

    Love your DIY project! Places you’ve lived and loved??

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