back to school.

on monday i went back to school.  kind of.  i’m taking two online classes for units.  see, i’m a CPA….almost.  i have the required experience hours, i passed the test, blah blah blah, but i’m short twelve measly college units.  it’s pretty dumb actually.  cause these units could be in anything — i just need the dang units.  why taking a course in hospitality and tourism will make me a better cpa is beyond me, but i don’t make the rules.  i’m also taking a tax class which should be easy considering that’s what i do for a living…but we shall see.

reis will be studying for the next 50 years of his life so now our nights look a lot like this.  woo hoo!  aren’t we fun??

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5 Responses to back to school.

  1. Sarah OUaL says:

    You guys are so cute it almost makes me sick a little.

  2. this is what it looks like around our house since my husband started law school :)

  3. Brittany Allred says:

    Hey Jaymee. I’m so glad I found your blog too. You are so cute! So I was noticing your graphic design skills…I have a small little job if your interested.? My son is turning 1 and I have gotten pretty good with photo shop but definitely no where near your level. Anyway if your interested let me know and tell me how much you charge as well!

  4. Scottee says:

    hahahahahahhahahahaha you kill me. you guys are not boring in the least. in fact, i’m rather sure i’d just love to hang out with you tons. and i mean tons.

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