photography challenge day 8: technology

(i am moving right along with this 30-day photography challenge!  i might actually finish in 30 days!)i am a self-proclaimed computer nerd.  since i was in elementary school, i seriously have always loved the computer, video cameras, digital cameras, etc.

2nd grade book reports?  done on the computer and the covers done in print shop.  oral presentations?  i would make my group do videos just so i could film and edit them cause its so much fun.  the gift to my friends for high school grad?  a video montage of all the footage i had taken over the years.

this picture pretty much sums up all of my absolute favorite pieces of technology.

1) as a graphic designer (and someone who loves to edit video!), apple is the way to go for computers.  yes, they are [much] pricier, but so so so so soooo worth it.

2) oh the iphone.  probably my most used piece of technology and one of the greatest inventions ever.  it’s so useful for everything!  (the notepad app is my ongoing to-do list that is with me at all times so i never forget little things that i would otherwise forget!  instagram = best app ever.  and the googlemap app is so helpful so i don’t ever get lost on these honolulu-had-the-worst-street-planners-EVER roads.)

3) my garmin 405.  a must-have for runners.

4) and my newest addition to the fam: my beloved 7d.  it is wonderful.  and i’m obsessed. (as if you couldn’t tell by the billions of pictures i’ve posted since i got it.)

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