anthropologie, you kill me. and i’m on twitter now.

guess what was on my doorstep last night when i got home from work??  probably the best thing a girl could home to.  a package from anthropologie!  i ordered these latte bowls on monday (free shipping!) and of course i had to take the obligatory stacked picture like they show online.  LOVE.  i couldn’t decide if i wanted a single color for all of the bowls or a variety of colors.  since i haven’t decided on an official color for my kitchen, i went with the pastel assortment.  and these came in perfect timing for day 7 of the photography challenge: something new.  hawaii needs to get on the anthro train.  like now.  ordering online is great and convenient and all, but the store is where it’s at.  beautiful, inspiring, creative.  oooo i just love it and could spend hours just walking around and not buying a single thing.  all thanks to lauren, one of my best friends (and roomie all throughout college), who got me hooked to this store our freshman year.

and to top off my obsession, they even send their packing slips & invoices in the cutest dang envelopes!  are you kidding me?!?  packaging is everything, i tell you.  anthropologie, you can do no wrong.

oh and P.S.  i fell into the trap and started a twitter last night. ay yi yi social media.  lots of random ramblings to come.

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3 Responses to anthropologie, you kill me. and i’m on twitter now.

  1. Lauren says:

    This made me so happy! LOVE those bowls, girl (great color choices!) and I’m so proud of you for repping anthro :)

  2. Kimberlee says:

    i’m diggin the bowls…and ur pic of them with the lemon jar behind. nice nice. that cud so be an ad!

  3. Sooo cute. My favourite neighbourhood coffee place always gives us our lattes in big bowls – perhaps I should invest in some myself ;) Love that turquoise-y colour!

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