the help & photography challenge day 6: childhood memories.

did anyone see the help yet?  reis and i saw it on saturday night and i absolutely loved it.  i can’t wait to read the book and i actually wish i read it before i saw the movie!

in general, i just love going to the movie theater and always have.  it’s an escape from the real world for a little bit and i love getting sucked into the big screen.  i guess i am going to count these photos as day 6: childhood memories.  i remember going to the movies when my siblings and i were little and my mom would let us go to rite aid next door to the theater to each pick out a candy.  i kept the tradition alive this weekend and got some sour watermelon to enjoy at the show.  they were yummy.

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4 Responses to the help & photography challenge day 6: childhood memories.

  1. I saw The Help last week and absolutely loved it – I thought it was really well done. The book is great too, but the film certainly does it justice :)

  2. Cassie says:

    Still haven’t seen The Help but will very soon.

    Sidenote: One of my best friend’s loves acting; Over a year ago, she asked me if I wanted to tryout to be an extra for “something called The Help” since we live in Jackson, MS. Obviously now I am kicking myself for not taking that opportunity when I had the chance :)

  3. Aunt Pam says:

    You always look adorable. I am enjoying your blog sooo much!

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