a few thoughts on moving.

1) it is ridiculously expensive when you go from a fully furnished condo to ground zeroooo.  even if you get good deals on everything.  which for the most part, i did.  bank account needs some serious recovery.
2) you don’t realize how much CRAP you have until you move.  27 trips back and forth later… (note to self: become a minimalist.)
3) it is a really good workout.
4) it induces major allergies.  lots. of. dust.  me and the tissue box quickly became inseparable.
im so exhausted and cannot wait to be settled in my new place!  here are some pictures of me and my old roommates (nicky + jess) having a grand ol’ time cleaning.

dear old house, i will miss you a lot.  especially your view.  thanks for being so good to me!

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3 Responses to a few thoughts on moving.

  1. Tay says:

    aawww jay… i remember when we were there moving you into that condo! …that view practically knocked me over… well actually pretty much everything about that island does :] …can’t wait to see your new casa! hope you had a WONDERFUL monday! love ya!

    xoxo tay

  2. I feel your pain, I had to furnish my place in SF from scratch and it was a costly business, even done on the cheap! Hope the move-in went well :)

  3. Emily says:

    I think moving is the most stressful thing that people routinely have to deal with! When we moved overseas it was such an effort that I too have developed minimalist tendencies. I have an idea as to how few possessions I want (mostly clothes and shoes – I don’t want to go too minimalist there!) and am gradually getting there. Here’s hoping we don’t have to move again anytime soon though!

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