i’m about to get photo happy.

my good friends ann-marie and janelle blogged about doing the 30 Day Photo Challenge this week and i’m jumping on board too!  i love taking pics and its a perfect way to get some more practice on my new toy!  (…as if i don’t already lug the 5 pounder in my purse everyday….)  i will probably take more than the 30 days to finish and i might go out of order just to warn you.  but im really excited.  and i’m just gonna go ahead and count this as picture number one: a self portrait.  this pic was taken right after i got off of the plane in LA a few weekends ago (tired + haggard from a 4 hour layover and a red-eye flight).  since i had my 7D shipped to my parent’s house to get in time for our cruise, i told them to bring it with them when they picked me up so i could start snapping away asap.  my smile = love at first sight.  have a happy weekend!  i’ll be moving (+ taking photos).

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3 Responses to i’m about to get photo happy.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Can’t wait to see your post on this! I considered doing this too after seeing Janelle & Ann-Marie’s post! Maybe I should jump on the band wagon too! :)

  2. Natalie says:

    Wow, this sounds super fun! Much more fun than the 30 x 30 clothing Remix I’m nearly finished. Can’t wait to see all your shots! xx Nat

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