cruise part IV: the end.

[packed up and ready to go]

after 7 days of fam time, good eating, mexico, and relaxation, all the fun came to an end.  it was an absolute blast and i miss seeing all of my cousins and family every day!  we got off of the boat in long beach and since my brother couldn’t come on the cruise, he and his girlfriend met us all for lunch near the airport before us out-of-towners flew home.  sidenote to all of you ladies: never wear a maxi dress to the airport.  despite how comfy you think it will be, you get a full-on/full-bodypart patdown at the airport in front of everyone (which was kind of embarassing to be honest) because you could be “hiding something.”  Good security I guess, just not my cup of tea.  consider yourselves warned.

[sad to say bye!]

[the starbucks obsession runs in the family]


[kelsey + ryan]

[taco salad.  i guess i didn’t get my fill in mexico.]

[taylor + bradley]

[pretty much what i looked like the whole cruise: i l o v e m y c a m e r a.  and yes, all you pro photographers, i know i am holding my camera wrong.  i’m a total amateur.]

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3 Responses to cruise part IV: the end.

  1. Caitlin says:

    Great pics Jaym! I can totally picture you running around with that giant camera :)

  2. Tay says:

    yeeeee :) i’ve been loving all your posts jay of the trip!!! i can tell you loving your camera! xoxox

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