cruise part III: puerto vallarta

[streets of puerto vallarta]

day 4 we were in puerto vallarta!  this was probably my favorite port because we got to see a lot of the city on our hour long taxi van ride to the beach.  the drive was beautiful and i was snapping my camera every 4 seconds through the window.  when we hired taxi man, he said “15 minutes to beach” — so after we were in the car for over 35 minutes (and parts of the drive were uphill…away from the beach), i started to think he was sketch and we were being kidnapped.  turns out mexican time = hawaiian time where 15 minutes = 1 hour.  and taxi man did not disappoint.  he brought us to an awesome beach where there were a lot of locals and also some restaurants nearby that provided us with beachside drink service.  not too shabby.

[first stop: wal-mart, of course.  to load up on snacks and gatorade]

[wrought iron gates + brick buildings]

[love the architecture and the charm of the little bug]

[la playa]

[strawberry pina colada]


[i love big hats]

[buses all around]

[grafitti walls]

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3 Responses to cruise part III: puerto vallarta

  1. Scottee says:

    i loved this day. so nice…haha i wish you had pics of mimi picking out her red hat that we bargained for! playa mismaloya, i’ll be back.

  2. Scottee says:

    …and all of the nay-sayers who told me i shouldn’t accept that free water bottle from the back of that van…well, i showed you. drank the whole thing.

  3. emily says:

    Looks gorgeous! We missed Puerto Vallarta when we were in Mex and I’ve always kinda regretted it. I’ll keep it on my must go one day list…

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