cruise part II: cabo san lucas

[gorgeous cabo]

day 3 and 5 of the cruise we spent in the beautiful cabo san lucas!  we were supposed to go to mazatlan, but i guess its super sketchy and not safe right now so we just ended up going to cabo twice.  the first day was disgustingly hot and all we wanted was some good mexican food.  we ended up going to a well-known restaurant called cabo wabo and ordered steak tacos, chips and salsa, and margaritas.  YUM.
the second day in cabo we paid a little water taxi boat to take us to the beach.  we layed out for a few hours, swam around in the ocean, and got haggled a million times over by the vendors on the beach.  i swear, once they see one person in your group buying something, they come in herds!  although i did get some sweet knock-off red raybans for $8 thanks to my cousin kelsey who is a bargaining pro (thanks kels!).

[those mexicans sure know how to give a good deal]

[taking the tender boat to cabo]

[trinkets for sale]

[beer in a bucket]

[steak tacos at cabo wabo]

[crowded beach]

 [blake + kimberlee]

[muchachas, quieren unas bolsas? (x15)]

[i love diet coke.  it tastes even better sipping it on a beach in mexico.  i will never stop drinking it – no matter how bad it is for me.  love me some aspartame.]

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2 Responses to cruise part II: cabo san lucas

  1. Scottee says:

    group # 37 for the tender boat. good thing we kept those stickers on all day…I’m demanding, but more photos please please. haha. I always complain when we take them, but I always want copies after.

  2. I remember that crazy beach from when I was in Cabo in January. Wouldn’t want to spend too much time there but we had a blast for a day hanging out and drinking cheap Coronas! Sounds like you guys had a fantastic time on your cruise :)

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