cruise part I

my mimi and daddad (what we call my grandparents on my mom’s side) took our entire family on our first cruise to mexico for their 50th anniversary 9 years ago. since then, we have grown quite fond of these floating resorts.  they are a perfect vacation for our whole family because we can all do our own thing if we want during the day but we always have dinner together, go to the shows together, and explore the port cities together.
there were 17 of us in our party and after we set sail on sunday afternoon, the eating extravaganza began.  let me just say, i am stilllll full.  we were at sea for 4 of the 7 days and on those days we layed out by the pool, read, ate, relaxed, people watched, and enjoyed being lazy.  every night after the 3-course dinners (or 5 course if you are like us and order 2 appetizers and 2 desserts) there was soo much to do.  each night was a different combo of the following: the karaoke lounge (our songs of choice included the classics — britney spears “baby one more time” and spice girls “wannabe”), the song/dance/musical show in the big theater, the comedy show, the piano bar, and the dance club.  followed by a trip to the lido deck where 24/7 pizza and ice cream was available.

[glad i didn’t have to use one of these]

[first day on board]

[cute tiki man drink cups]

[holaaa scottee]

[yummy tiramisu]


[all of the girl cousins on formal night]

[my beautiful mimi]

[stormy night in puerto vallarta]


[one night we got wild and played scattegories. woo hoo!]

[scottee’s martini tasting that was sickly sweet but the glasses were pretty]

[love love love my fam]

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3 Responses to cruise part I

  1. Scottee says:

    tan is fading, but the blubber is still here. hahaha. take me back now…

  2. Kimberlee says:

    FAMBAM! i agree with scottee…take me back

  3. Pam says:

    All of you cousins look like sisters! Def. can tell you are related! :)

    Happy that you had such a nice time!! I’ve always thought it would be fun to take the whole family on the cruise. I know the kids would have so much fun!! Love the 24-7 pizza and ice-cream. That’s where you’ll find me!!

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