saturday in california.

i flew into LAX last Saturday morning after a red eye from Hawaii (and a 4-hour delay at the Kona airport) and landed around the same time my older sister and brother-in-law got in from Austin, Texas!

Kimberlee + Me = bestfriendssistersloverstwopeasinapod since birth — so as you can imagine I was so excited to see them because I haven’t seen them since Christmas!  Our parents picked us up and we went out to breakfast after flying on the 405 since nooo oneeee was on it because all of that carmageddon hype.

after breakfast, one of my BFFs sarah and I went over to heather’s house and met precious baby logan for the first time!  reis might have some competition because this little guy has stolen my heart.  he is seriously one of the cutest babies i have ever seen in my life and just seeing one of my best friends as a new mommy was such a sweet experience.

after staring and oooing and aahhhing over logiebear for a few hours (and having heather describe the whole birthing process to me in FULL detail), my family went over to my grandma and grandpa’s house for a lasagna dinner (thanks grams!).  my brother drove up for the weekend from san diego to see all of us since he couldn’t come on the cruise because of his summer internship.  perfect saturday spent with family and friends!  next post up: cruise-ing to mexico parte uno!

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2 Responses to saturday in california.

  1. Kimberlee says:

    aww my sissy! yup that was a fun day..the start of it all :)

  2. squigglefloey says:

    I loved carmageddon! haha. Should happen more often! Streets were sooo free :) Glad you had a wonderful wknd back in Cali!

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