back to reality.

i made it back safe and sound last night to hawaii after an amazing vacation with my family!  it was soooo much fun.  seriously one of the best.

– spending time with my family who i don’t get to see enough! (my sis Kim and bro-in-law Blake flew in from Texas and a bunch of our cousins flew down from Oregon!)
– being away from technology for an entire 7 days and not at the mercy of my beloved iphone/email
– having NO concept of time whatsoever (going to bed at 3 AM and waking up at 10:30 AM) and the week feeling like it was a month long but also feeling like it went by too fast if that makes sense
– laying out on the beaches in mexico and reading a good book (havent read a fiction book in like 10 years and im officially addicted to reading again — thank youuu sarah!)
– eating really good (and waaayy too much) food — i kinda think cruises are the reason for obesity in America
– learning how to use my new camera by taking tons of pics and capturing every moment in a photo or on video (cannot wait to edit a little video ASAP)
i’m going to recap this week in a few posts starting tomorrow because i took a gazillion pictures and have so many i want to share!  but right now i have to get to that thing called work.  back to reality.

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2 Responses to back to reality.

  1. This photo is absolutely fantastic and catches the essence of your entire post.

  2. Your second photo, that is! :)

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