cruising to mexico.

today we are off on a cruise to mexico for the week and i am so excited!  on the agenda for the week: spending lots of time with my family, eating lots of amazing food, sipping pina coladas poolside, exploring Mexico, getting tan, and of course being regulars at the karaoke lounge every night.

see ya in a week with lots and lots of pictures and recaps.

p.s. i got my camera today and i am kind of obsessed times 17 with my new toy.  i had it shipped to my parent’s house because everything takes longer to get to that little island i live on and it was super duper important to have for this trip!  it takes phenommmmmenal photos and fyi i took 147 pictures just in the past 8 hours (most likely 73 of those are because i finally got to meet logan!!  he is so little and adorable and perfect and i could seriously stare at him for hours.  pictures to come later!)

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2 Responses to cruising to mexico.

  1. Pam says:

    Have a wondeful, well-deserved week!! Cruises are soo much fun…you are all going to have a spectacular time!

    Yay 4 your new camera! Look forward 2 your pics! You have a knack of capturing “kodak moments!!” :)

  2. kim says:

    how fun!!! have a safe trip jay!

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