garage sale finds.

the closest thing hawaii has to a flea market is the swap meet (10 tourist t-shirts for $5, anyone?) which is far from comparable to any of the flea markets in LA or SF.  so to find fun pieces for my new place, i am going to resort to garage sales, good will, and craigslist.  they take plenty of digging/searching/browsing (and seeing things for their POTENTIAL) and require lots of time – but i think it’s a really fun process.  the pieces you get have way more charm than brand spanking new pieces, and its a heck of a lot nicer on the ol’ wallet.  my current place was fully furnished when i moved in two years ago so i am starting from absolute scratch.  that is a lot of furniture we’re talking about: a bed, dining room table, coffee table, couches, entertainment center, a dresser, chairs, etc…so i actually have no other choice than to go the cheaper route.  and speaking of steal deals, this weekend when i went garage saling, i got some pretty sweet finds.  a huge wood-framed mirror for $5 and a cute/chic/nice desk for $5.
convo between me and garage sale man:
me: (looking at this desk that a bunch of his crap for sale was sitting on) hey, is this desk for sale?
him: um, sure.
me: how much?
him: $10
me: whoah! (in total shock because i was expecting him to say like, $50 or something)
him: what – $5?
me: SOLD!
i got a bargain and i didn’t even try!  that, my friends, is how you do it.

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2 Responses to garage sale finds.

  1. Haha, oh my gosh, love it. Going to try your method of bargaining. And this reminds me I need to respond to your email right away!

  2. hEATHER mASON says:

    hahah, that is an awesome garage sale story. Thanks Jay your blog is keeping me entertained while i Upload FB photos one by one with this slow ass internet connection..

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