steal deals.

i love a good deal.  and recently i have been striking gold in the deal department.  check out some of my (and reis’) recent buys –>

1) my current bag that i’m using and love so so much.  found it on
2) white pants that i plan on cutting soon to make into shorts/knee cutoffs from old navy.  for $8 i couldn’t say no.

3) my sperry topsiders (that i’ve wanted for so long!) that reis bought me when i was having a bad day.  he found them for a steal from nordstrom rack.  that place rocks.  so does he.

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2 Responses to steal deals.

  1. Pam says:

    Love your bag!! I love ideeli. I’ve never bought anything yet but, I’m getting close!! So many great deals!!

    So sweet of your hunny to cheer you up with some new kicks!! :)

  2. Love the bag! The Old Navy sale was sweet, think those pants will make adorable cut offs :)

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