weekend photo recap.

Weekend Recap:
– found a place last week and as of this weekend it is officially MINE!  it’s an adorable little one bedroom guesthouse and my mind is scheming all the ways to decorate!  have decided to decorate in beach/rustic/shabby chic decor.
– went to some garage sales and thrift stores on saturday with reis’ mom in search of some finds for my new place.  was quite successful.
– got a manicure and a pedicure with a groupon (but totally got suckered into them upselling me on the dang gel polish which supposedly doesn’t chip for 3 weeks…$22.83 more later….so much for the groupon)
– after reis’ 30+ hour shift, had another date night (yay!) at our regular mexican (shocker, right?) restaurant, cha cha cha’s.
– drove up to the north shore for church on sunday and hung out with friends
– camped out at starbucks for reis to finish a paper and me to do some work (i think i need to start paying that place rent.  i am here way too often.  or they should just start giving me free drinks.)

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3 Responses to weekend photo recap.

  1. Grams says:

    Exciting times for you. Love the shabby beach idea. Maybe see you Saturday????

  2. Pam says:

    ahhhh…your nail polish matches your necklace perfectly!! ;)

    Congrats on finding your new place! Love the beach- themed decor idea…PERFECTO!! :)

  3. hEATHER mASON says:

    Jaymee, I want that food. It looks so good. No mexican food in Peru. Also, the gel polish really is awesome. You won’t regret it. Miss you!!

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