for the past two years i have been so so so blessed to live in an amazing waterfront condo for an insane deal in comparison to what similar places rent for in hawaii.  unfortunately my landlord has decided to sell her place so guess what that means?  i’m moving!  it’s really bittersweet because i have lived here since i moved to hawaii, it’s all i know, i love my roomies, and the location is close to all my favorites (starbucks and the gym of course).  but i am also super excited to get a one bedroom place and to live by myself for the first time ever!  i will feel like a real grownup.  i will miss this place like crazy but i am also excited for some change and  new adventures!  best part though?  getting to decorate!!  lots of house posts coming up real soooon.

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3 Responses to house-hunting.

  1. Heather says:

    When are you moving??

  2. Pam says:

    How exciting!! :) :) Congratulations!!

    BTW did you receive my e-mail? :)

    Have a happy Thursday!!

  3. That’s exciting! I moved into my first solo place this year and I’ve loved it – you get to decorate it all, having people over is really easy and no-one trashes the kitchen :) I find I’m actually way more sociable as you have to plan things instead of spontaneously chilling with roomies… Good luck with the search!

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