fourth of july fun.

so even though i didn’t make it into the ocean over the weekend, it was still amazing to have a three day break!  i’m not sure what it is about just one more day off, but it is so much more refreshing than just two days.  and i love that it not only extends the weekend, but it makes the work week shorter!  a win-win situation, i tell you.  my weekend was filled with some catching up on my to-do list, house hunting (more to come on that later), the north shore, eating good all-american food, spending time with friends, and a lot of sleeping.  i hope you had a wonderful fourth of july!

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2 Responses to fourth of july fun.

  1. emily says:

    hello :)
    looks like a great weekend. i have been enjoying your photos. feeling especially stupid today though, as had absolutely no idea how pineapples grew (i’m in london, uk, if that’s any defense). enjoy your short work week!

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