let’s talk design.

this is afterall a lifestyle-design blog so i think i should talk some more about design on some of these posts of mine.  what do you think?

i get inspired to do graphic design by soooo many  unique and aesthetically pleasing things in life: browsing other design blogs, watching movies, running outside/being in nature, my most recent discovery (and greatest procrastination tool ever) Pinterest, or just random little things in life.  One of my best friends Janelle recently sent me a sweet card in the mail.  i love the whole tape-look thing going on on the envelope and was immediately inspired to recreate it on the computer!

after a little photoshop and illustrator fun…TA. DA!

chevron tape. striped tape. soo many options!  i can’t wait to create more and use them in some design ideas i have coming up….thanks janelly for the inspiration!
p.s. i will be starting a pinterest this weekend.  goodbye more time that i don’t have to this suck-you-in internet world!
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3 Responses to let’s talk design.

  1. Janelle says:

    OMG i love!!! love love love the tape-look jaymee. looks fantastic! i love that my janky card made it on your blog hahaha

  2. Tay says:

    Jay SO CUTE :) have you seen Bradleys organizer planner thingy I made him last year when I was in my Graphic Design class???? It’s totally has a retro/vintage/modern twist with those kinds of pictures and tape and push pins and everything! You’ll have to see it next time you come home!

    Love you! xoxo

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