ka’ena point.

i know its wednesday and the weekend was like, 3 days ago, but hey, i’m a little behind the times right now.

on sunday afternoon we went to ka’ena point with reis’ dad for father’s day.  ka’ena point is the westernmost tip of land on oahu and its where the north shore meets the west side.  gorgeous gorgeous views all around with mountains on the left and the teal blue ocean on the right.  we hiked all the way to the point where we could see the west side AND the north side!  it was pretty amazing.  we were starving by the time we headed back to town so we stopped at storto’s deli in haleiwa for some sandwiches.  these hit the spot and i inhaled mine in about 3 minutes.  this place is another “must-eat” place if you come to hawaii.  they have the freshest bread and i think its what really makes the sandwich.  since the drive back from the north shore is a little over an hour, i always fall asleep on my chauffeur.  hence why we got some iced coffees to avoid this problem.  but i don’t think it worked.  sorry, reis!
another great sunday.  i love the weekends!
only 3 more days til the weekend again. yahoo!

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7 Responses to ka’ena point.

  1. your pics/weekends make me seriously consider selling everything I own and moving to Hawaii :-) I’ve only been to the Big Island and Kauai once … and once is not enough.

    love your blog … and your design work!

  2. Scottee says:

    all of your posts make me hungry.

  3. Sarah says:

    I love all of these pictures! So beautiful!

  4. dresf says:

    I’m sooo happy that I found your blog. I’m from Hawaii (leeward side) and I look forward to your posts and pics! Makes me wanna pack up and move back home immediately. Please post more pics. Especially of local food!

  5. Jaymee, seriously, if this accounting firm you’ve been slaving at all week ever needs a marketing manager/coordinator/assistant/janitor … I’m your gal :-)

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