oahu food guide: part I

i am no foodie by any means.  i am actually a very picky eater according to others….i don’t think i am, but i guess not eating any kind of seafood when you live in hawaii is constituted as being picky.  if anyone reading this is planning a trip to hawaii in the upcoming future, i want to share with you some gems i’ve discovered that are beyond the “waikiki-tourist-central-realm.”  this past weekend we went to Shokudo Japanese restaurant in Honolulu; a really fun, yummy, and affordable place if you like sushi or fish (don’t worry – i got teriyaki chicken).  but if you go, you HAVE to get their famed honey-toast for dessert.  it really is the simplest concept, but it tastes so so good.  thick pieces of bread crusts toasted with butter and smothered in honey + cubes of bread (scooped out of the crust) with honey in the inside + vanilla bean ice cream.  umm…YUM.  and yes, we still did go to Yogurtland after too.  don’t judge.  (our friends that met us for dinner live on the north shore — a land where froyo places do not exist — so we gotta live it up when they come to town.)
then on saturday afternoon reis and i went to lunch at my favorite cafe ever: Bogart’s.  everything I have ever gotten on their menu has been delicious but my all time favorite meal is one of their salads — the Avocado Chicken Salad.  it’s kinda pricy at $12 but worth every penny.  their chicken is out of this world and I guess it’s a top secret too because I asked the lady at the register what seasoning they use and she wasn’t allowed to tell me.  fine then.
anyways.  if you come to oahu, go to these places.  they will make your tummies very happy.  the end.
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5 Responses to oahu food guide: part I

  1. kimberlee says:

    Ha yes honey toast! That’s the place I went once w coworkers from bubbas and I accidentally chucked my cell phone into the bar area and it broke a few glasses and make a rucus for the restaurant. No big.

  2. wow, that avocado & chicken salad looks yummy!

  3. Tay says:

    Can you ship me some of that honey buttery goodness of toast…. p-p-pppleeeease! My mouth is seriously watering and your brother and I just got home from eatting at RR where I thought I couldn’t eat another bite of anything… wrong! ….sooo you know where I live just have it shipped their ;)


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