it’s almost the weekend!

[update: Logan was born last night an absolutely BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY baby boy and both baby and mommy — and daddy! — are doing well!!  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!]

yesterday was quite a roller coaster of emotions:

  • my car wouldn’t start in the morning.  (it has been acting funny lately and every time i go to start my car its like a guessing game if it’s going to start or not.)
  • when if finally did, i rear-ended a parked car at 6:30 AM (leaving a fat ugly dent in the person’s door).  sweeeet.
  • found out my insurance will cover everything! (thank you God!…and Geico customer service is awesome.)
  • i could not focus for the life of me at work.
  • dude-whose-car-i-hit called me back from the [veryyy sincere & sorry] note i wrote and left on his windshield…and called me a not-so-nice name.  how rude.
  • reis calls me :  “that was the hardest and worst test i’ve ever taken in my life.”  poor thing.
  • and at 8:30 PM i got the best e-mail ever saying that Logan was born and with a picture of him:  he is completely perfect.
overall crazy day.  but a seriously blessed one too.
this weekend, to celebrate reis being done with his test, we are going:
.(well, at least until he starts school on Monday)
(or more like for me, try and surf is more like it.)
We are staying with his parents for the weekend and I’m so excited for a relaxing few days!  Have a great weekend.
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4 Responses to it’s almost the weekend!

  1. The new SR shirts are FAB, as usual. Love them all! Have a fun weekend!

  2. Pam says:

    Love the shirts you designed for SR!! :)

    YAY 4 Geico!! Have a great weekend y’all deserve it!! :)

  3. Love the shirts, I ordered the Flock of seagulls one!
    And HEY, at least you left a note for the car you hit! I know so many people who have been hit in parking lots and no note was left. You owned up to it and went through your insurance, so I don’t think he has any grounds for calling you inappropriate names.

    • jaymee says:

      yah! stoked you like the shirts and got one! and i knowww about that guy – i left a note.. come onnnn no need for name calling mister :)

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