today is the day.

My one month hiatus/sabbatical/vacation is now over!  I had an amazing break filled with family, friends, beach, design (and lots of laziness) and am excited for this new job.  I kind of miss having a routine but it was definitely nice waking up and having nowhere to be.

Since I have been living in t-shirts, bathing suits, and pareos the past month, I realize I kind of love being comfy all the time and don’t really miss the whole “business casual” thing.  In my attempts to look semi-decent for the new job, I decided to pull out the big guns today:  a new mauve/pinkish Forever 21 blazer my mom bought me when she was here (thanks Mom!), an old Calvin Klein black dress, and some new Jessica Simpson black heels I got for a steal deal ($44!) on Hautelook.  Janelle, I hope you approve of my outfit — you are my style icon.

Anddd I’m off.  Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to today is the day.

  1. LOVE these photos! Have the best first day ever at your new job!

  2. kelandrum says:

    Great outfit!! Good luck on your first day!

  3. Good luck! LOVE your outfit!

  4. Kimberlee says:

    first day first day!

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