last dinner with the parents.

For my parent’s last night in Hawaii we drove to the North Shore to visit and have dinner with Reis’ parents.  On the menu: salad, lasagna, stuffed shells, eggplant parmesan, and of course, ice cream!  Not just any ice cream…the best ice cream you will ever taste in your life, I swear.  Reis’ parents are hilarious and it is always comedy hour when we get together with them!  Like I said yesterday, I feel SO blessed that my family and me and my sibling’s significant others’ families (wow, that was a mouthful and apologies if it’s not grammatically correct) enjoy hanging out – it’s so fun!  Thanks for dinner, Dennis and Jan!

[oh and Taylor, i know these pictures might make you cry because you miss the n. shore so much, so i think you should go buy a ticket and come visit, k??]

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3 Responses to last dinner with the parents.

  1. Tay says:

    Seriously Jay. No joke I’m getting a little emotional ;) Your pictures at our house and hanging out with Dennis and Jan! OH AND I would have just LOVED visiting the BIG Island! Gosh I would have loved that!
    I begged your mom to let me curl up into her luggage so I could come… she just laughed and I think she thought it was joke… it wasn’t. Me going to Hawaii is no joking matter! I’ve got to get myself out there sometime soon… Your pictures are killing me!
    I’m going to go revisit ALL my pictures I took last visit no that I’m having withdrawals! Maybe I’ll see if Bradley and I could do a little fun trip after his internship this summer! How fun would that be!!! :)

    <3 you Jay! Glad you guys had a blast this past week :)

  2. Your dress is SO adorable!! And just the style I love. Where did you get it?!

    We almost tried that ice cream when we were in Hawaii, but I am so picky with ice cream that I decided not to. Now I’ll definitely have to try it.

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