greetings from waikiki.

ALOHA.  I got back to Hawaii on Tuesday afternoon.  I was ready to get back here because LA was cold and rainy the day I left, but sad to say bye to my friends who I love and miss so much already!  I didn’t come back alone though; my dad flew back with me for a little visit to the islands!  My mom flies in tonight and the adventures with the parentals will begin.  We are staying in Waikiki (Town of the Tourists) while they are here so it’s kinda like a staycation for me and a vacation for them.  I don’t spend much time here because of the ridiculous crowds and $25/hour parking fees, but it’s fun to pretend like I am a tourist – camera around my neck and all (even though the whole camera-around-my-neck-snapping-photos-every-two-seconds is totally the norm for me).

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One Response to greetings from waikiki.

  1. Pam says:

    ahhhh…I LOVE WAIKIKI!! We had such a wonderful time when we were there with my family!! I esp. love the “Ala Moana” shopping center!! Soo jealous!

    Hope to be able to say “aloha” to you when we’re in Maui for the marathon!! :)

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