because i like to pretend i’m a photographer…

here are some more pictures of my time in that little town i adore called Santa Barbara!  (I promise this is the last time I talk about that place.)  Forget the fact that I desperately need to clean my lens and there are lots of spots on some of the pictures.  Just go visit and think of me, will ya?

Our grandparents came up to have lunch with us on Tuesday at Los Arroyos, a delicious Mexican restaurant in Montecito.  They are the cutest things ever and our Mimi is always dressed to impress.  Check out her snazzy hat and her zebra jacket!  Although they were excited to hang out with their granddaughters, they mainly drove up to SB to be my personal chauffeurs and take me back home to my parent’s house since I no longer have a car in California (I caught a ride up there with my little brother on his way back to San Luis Obispo where he goes to school).  Aren’t they the sweetest!?

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One Response to because i like to pretend i’m a photographer…

  1. Yes, your grandparents look SO sweet.

    My childhood best friend lives in Pismo, and now my Aunt has a vacation home there. Brando and I spent a few days there in March and couldn’t believe there was so much to do. The weather looks so perfect in Santa Barbara right now!

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