fun in SB.

I am having so much fun in Santa Barbara!  Scottee and I are running the Palos Verdes Half Marathon this Saturday so yesterday afternoon we went for a gorgeous 8-miler by the beach.  I really miss SoCal running weather since Hawaii is hot and humid and great for laying out at the beach, but not so much for running.  I am taking full advantage of the cool breezes and midday runs that I can go on while I’m here and its really nice finishing a run not looking like I just went for a swim.

I went to school at UCSB and Scottee went to school at Westmont and since we are only one year apart, we got to see each other a lot during our college years!  I miss that so much!  We both worked at the same restaurant, Paradise Cafe, which is the cutest little restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara with really good food and drinks.  It was funny; when we both worked there, our regular customers always got us confused.  I liked to tell people we were twins and they totally believed me.  If you are ever in town, you HAVE to go there.   And you need to get the Paradise Burger with avocado and french fries.

After dinner, we went to Mcconnell’s, a well-known ice cream shop and also one of my favorite places here.  I’m not even kidding – in college, my roommates and I would come here 4x a week for frozen yogurt.  We were seriously obsessed.  And broke.

Today is my last day here and we are off on a mission to find some race outfits for Saturday :)

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8 Responses to fun in SB.

  1. Scottee says:


  2. Kimberlee says:

    very very cute!

  3. SkinnyRunner says:

    seriously you guys look like identical sisters. oh wait, i dont have my contacts in. wait, wait, i dont eve wear contacts.
    your pics make me miss sb…

  4. Pam says:

    Hi Jaymee! Found you through SR.

    “Good luck on Saturday!!!!” :) I’m running the full…I’m very excited for the “new course!!” The course looks very beautiful!! It’ll be lotsa fun!!

  5. You gals really do look alike!

    I’d probably be convinced you were twins, too =)

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