Lunch Date.

Yesterday afternoon, I met Sarah and Sarah for lunch at Kafe Neo in Long Beach.  I met Sarah [SkinnyRunner] in Hawaii earlier this year and I had never met Sarah [OnceUponALime] before.  I read (and love) their blogs and have exchanged 19,832,941 e-mails with both of them over the past few months so it’s weird how much I feel like I know them.  They were my first “real” clients for design work and so it was a lot of fun to all meet up in person!  They both write extremely funny and sarcastic blogs and are so sweet (and blonde, gorgeous, and skinny) in real life.

On the way home, I was falling asleep and was about to pee my pants, so I got off the freeway in Santa Monica and figured I would find a Starbucks or Coffee Bean on every other corner.  I did.  And problem solved.

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5 Responses to Lunch Date.

  1. Janelle says:

    how fun!!! your invites turned out amazing by the way :) so cute!

  2. Becky says:

    good luck with the new blog!!

  3. aww i use to live in Long beach. I drove by kafe neo all the time and never ate there. maybe when im back from china ill take a trip back down to LB. there’s some great tacos like down the street around the corner from there :)

  4. Ahhhh! It’s like meeting a celebrity LOL

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