currently unemployed.

I am currently in a really exciting transition in my life.  I recently quit my job and have a WHOLE month off before my new job starts.  It’s only been two days and I could really get used to this whole not-working thing.  Don’t worry though, I am keeping busy with design work and tanning.  It’s great.

On another note, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend and I are in the top 10 Most Boring Couples.  We spend wayyy too much time in coffeeshops: him studying, me working (well, before I quit my job).  One of our favorites is Fresh Cafe in Honolulu because the coffee is delicious + reasonably priced, they have good food, and there are a lot of outlets for our computer plugs (one of my top criteria in my coffeeshop ratings!).  We camped out there yesterday and I am proud to say that that is where this little blog was born!  Isn’t that precious?

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5 Responses to currently unemployed.

  1. I can’t even tell you how excited I am that you are blogging AND unemployed AND one of my dearest friends! Your blog is going to rock. Use big words. Make Mrs. Cochran proud! Commence!

  2. ashley says:

    oh i would have so much fun being unemployed if i knew i had another job a month later.. i’m officially jealous! :)

  3. what job did you leave and where are you heading?? I’m doing/did the same thing, but will be taking a year to apply to graduate schools! Cheers to life transitions!

    • jaymee says:

      wow good for you for going to grad school! i used to work as an auditor in public accounting at a big firm and i will be moving into tax at a smaller firm in honolulu. kinda nerdy, but i love doing taxes!

  4. So glad you have something else lined up and are busy at design work in the meantime. You’re awesome at it!!

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