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my new site + portfolio + blog is almost done and i can’t wait to show you guys.  hopefully in the next week it will go live…yay!  see you from my new home!

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WALLS | morning glass coffee + cafe.

morningglass20 morningglass5morningglass1morningglass4morningglass3morningglass2morningglass11
morningglass6 morningglass7 morningglass12today i introduce you to morning glass, yet another one of my frequented coffee shops on the island.  when laura was here, we went two days in a row because it’s just that good.  plus, it’s located in a cute little area tucked away in manoa valley.  the biggest perk here is that they serve stumptown coffee…which in my opinion, is reason enough to go back multiple times in one week.  i believe they are one of the few cafes on oahu to serve that delicious brew and so it makes it a special treat when i go!  their food is also pretty delicious.  i am partial to the scones, but that’s just because i have a major sweet tooth.  my all time favorite drink on the menu is their iced vanilla latte.  i kinda want one right now just typing + dreaming about it.  they make their own vanilla in-house and i give it 10 stars out of 5.  so check this place out if you are in need of a good cup of joe and a cozy atmosphere.  not gonna lie, you might find me there later today.  i’ve successfully given myself a major craving.

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california dreaming.

caliboundever since we found out last friday that we will be moving to california, i haven’t stopped 1) smiling because we will be within driving distance to so many of my dear friends and family or 2) dreaming about our next house!  we plan on living in a quaint beach town in southern california (most likely redondo) and we cannot wait to get cruisers to bike to coffee shops, dinner, and to ride up and down the esplanade.  i am beyond thrilled to be able to enjoy my favorite california luxuries once again, namely trader joe’s, road trips, anthro, and flea markets.  we have known for awhile that a move may happen this summer, so we strategically saved all of the anthropologie, williams sonoma, and target gift cards we got for our wedding.  they have been burning a serious hole in my wallet and i am so excited to finally use them!  i’m also excited to scour craigslist, flea markets, and thrift shops to find little treasures and some furniture for our home.  i’ve been pinning a lot to my living space board and it’s pretty obvious that i’m into neutral colors (which is also reflected in these items…except the cruiser because those need to be colorful!)

1 / i would really love a grey couch and have decided that a sectional is a necessity.  i have had one the past few years in hawaii and i sit in the chaise section every single day.  it is just so ideal for reading or computering!  this one from west elm is way out of our budget…but i can dream right?

2 / this gold lamp from urban outfitters has been on my radar for a few years now!  but the shipping fees to hawaii are just so ridiculous.

3 / this rug from west elm is also out of our budget, but i will definitely be on the lookout for something similar.

4 / love love love this terrarium kit from anthropologie!

5 / having a cool chair like this in our living room would be so great.  i feel like chairs in living rooms make them feel more “grown-up” for some reason.

6 / i adore this print so much.  and it would look really cute on an art wall.

7 / riding one of these will totally bring me back to our college days in santa barbara where we rode our bikes to class, to starbucks, to dinner…everywhere!

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playing tourist.

lauravisit1 lauravisit8laura2laura5laura3laura1reis and i had such a fun time with laura and peter during their visit last week.  laura and i also spent some quality girl time together getting fried at the beach (i’m still waiting for my rudolph of a nose to turn into a tan).  i love playing tourist when visitors are in town and going places i wouldn’t normally go if they weren’t here.  but i equally love nights in where we cook dinner and it feels like our visitors live here.  one night she dyed my hair while we watched the season finale of the bachelor and ate ice cream.  it felt like we were right back in college when we were housemates and that kind of thing was the norm.  miss those days!  i’m so excited they will only be a drive away in a few months!

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matchday20see that envelope up there?  well, on friday, our future was lying inside.  match day is pretty much the most stressful/nerve-racking/exciting day for medical students.  it’s a national ceremony where fourth year med students find out where they will be placed for residency (and where they will spend the next 3+ years of their lives!).  it’s a huge, complex ranking system where the students rank their choices after they interview with the programs they’ve applied for, and the programs also rank them.  then the computer does its thing and the students are [hopefully] matched with a program.  friday was the day when they found out where they matched!  i was sweating like crazy and i’m not even a student!  there was so much anticipation in that room.  the students each got an envelope and then had to open them at the same time!  eeep!  we are SO thankful, blessed, and excited that reis matched into a great pediatrics program (and also where he/we wanted to be the most)!  we will be moving back to southern california this coming june!!!  i am so very proud of this guy and i cannot wait for the adventures ahead of us!

matchday19matchday21[one of reis’ classmates made those uterus necklaces for the OB/GYN residents – HA!]


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WALLS | bradley + taylor’s san luis obispo home.

taybudapt2taybudapt7taybudapt3taybudapt10 taybudapt4 taybudapt5 taybudapt6taybudapt9when reis and i went on our road trip up to san francisco, we broke up the long drive by staying a night with my brother and his wife in their adorable san luis obispo home!  sorry that most of these photos are such up close and personal detail shots…i only had my prime lens with me!

they live in a cute + cozy guest house that taylor has done an amazing job decorating (that girl has a serious knack for style).  their dining nook is super adorable…i especially love their diner style napkin holder and their metal tub dining room chairs from world market.  they have knick knacks from anthropologie, thrift shops, antique stores, and garage sales styled throughout their space.  that clock is actually a family heirloom – how cool is that!?  taylor is also a huge plant lover and has little air plants and greenery all around the house which adds to its overall charm + coziness.  their front stoop is decked out with succulents and their landlords even let them have a huge gardening space in the backyard!  thanks for letting me share your space, bradley and tay!  can’t wait for our next visit!

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red eye essentials.


i’ve flown quite a bit in the past year…i think since last may, i’ve been to california on average once a month!  i mostly flew the red eye because when i was still working at my corporate job, i had to catch the friday night flight out to LA and make it back to hawaii by sunday night for work on monday.  (yet another reason why working for myself is AWESOME).  these were my essential pieces for those late-night-to-morning flights but definitely work for any-time-of-day-flying as well.

1) a large bag / i love using a big bag for a carryon because i stuff it with my laptop, camera, wallet, a book, some snacks, and other random in-flight necessities.  i’m really loving this one from cuyana.

2) a long + cozy sweater / without fail, i get super cold on the red eye.  i find blanket-like sweaters get the job done in keeping me warm through the night. (i saved this pic so long ago and have no idea where i saved it from!  i’m wishing i knew because that sweater is so cute!)

3) boots / i always wear my heaviest and largest shoes on the plane so they don’t take up precious room inside my suitcase.  (they also keep my toes warm on freezing flights!)  i currently have a huge crush on these ones from madewell and am saving my pennies for them because i love them so much!

4) leggings / the comfier the pants, the better.

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i love when friends visit.

lauravisit2lauravisit3lauravisit4one of my best friends laura and her boyfriend peter came to visit reis and me for the week and it’s been SO much fun having them here!!  we had a great weekend touring them around the island which included good food (+ plenty of dessert), good conversation, beach time, stops at our favorite coffee shops, our weekly trek to the north shore, and movie-watching.

*laura is actually the matchmaker who introduced me to my lover man reis in santa barbara 5 years ago!  she was friends with him long before i knew him, and then i practically BEGGED her to set me up with him once i met him.  i’m really glad my begging paid off.

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FEATURED | our save the dates on oh so beautiful paper!

JRsavethedate1i’m excited to announce that our save the dates were featured on my favorite stationery blog oh so beautiful paper today!  check it out here.   

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diy acai bowl.

acaibowl7acaibowl5acaibowl6acaibowl3acai bowls are really, really good.  they are my favorite thing to eat for lunch and i always eat them the same: strawberries, bananas, and granola on top, no honey, hold the berries.  but ya know what else?  they are so expensive!  especially in hawaii.  with my recent shift to freelance life, we’ve had to adjust our monthly spending habits and a $10 bowl just isn’t in the everyday budget.  so now we make our own.  and they are just as tasty!  here’s how i make mine:

1 // blend 1 sambazon acai packet + handful of frozen strawberries + 1 frozen banana (makes it super thick!)
2 // top with granola + fresh fruit

*i highly recommend using a vitamix or some other decent blender.  we don’t have one but it’s at the top of my wishlist.  i think i got our current blender for a dollar at a garage sale and it majorly struggles when trying to puree all that frozen fruit.  i swear the motor is just going to blow up one of these days.

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